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Pan Asian

Japanese, Korean, Singaporean and Vietnamese Cuisines


Class 1:- Cabbage Kimchi, Chicken Bibimbap, Jap Chae Noodles

Class 2:- Cucumber Kimchi, Bulgogi Chicken, Korean Fried Rice

Class 3: Korean Spicy Stew, Spicy Korean Chicken with Cabbage, Kimchi Fried Rice


Class 1:- Laksa Soup, Singapore Rice Noodles, Singapore Style Spicy Chicken

Class 2:- Hainanese Chicken Rice, Gada Gado Salad, Rendang Curry


Class 1:- Vegetable Tempura, Udon Noodles, Miso Soup

Class 2:- Sushi - California Roll, Spicy Cucumber Roll, Bell Pepper & Shitake Rolls

Class 3:- Chicken Yakitori, Chicken Teriyaki, Yaki Soba


Class 1:- Baby Lotus Stem & Carambola Salad, Assorted Mushroom Soup, Cold Spring Roll

Class 2:- Raw Mango Salad, Chicken on Sugar Cane Stick, Veg Pho Bo

Fee Rs 20000/-

Full Payment to be made at the time of admission

*The content is focused at teaching various methods of preparation & may vary with individual student's needs towards learning & time frames

Dishes may be changed or deleted on the discretion of the chef

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