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Culinary Arts Level – 2

Class 1: Omelettes Preparation, Pomme de Terre Hachees Brune, Tomate, Oat meal Porridge                     

Class 2: Potage Parmantier, Stroganoff de Poulet, Riz Pilaf, Epinard au Beurre Noisette               

Class 3: Chicken a la King, Riz Risi Bisi, Sauté Legumes

Class 4: Fried Eggs, Frites de Sole, Pommes frits, Tartar Sauce

Class 5: Roast Pumpkin Soup, Espagnole Sauce (Brown sauce), Poulet Sauté Chasseur, Pommes de Terre Chateau            

Class 6: Scrambled Egg on Toast, Sauce Mornay, Chou-fleur a la Florentine

Class 7: Caesar Salad, Pollo Alla Arrabiatta, Mushroom Risotto

Class 8: Ballontine de Vollaile, Mashed Potato, Green Pea Puree and Red Wine Glaze (French) 

Class 9: Crème Dubarry, Crêpes de Volaille Portuguese, Tomate Farcis Florentine, Galette de Pommes de Terre  

Class 10: Salad Waldorf, Poulet a la Anglaise, Mouselline Potatoes (Mashed Potatoes), Haricots Verts au Beurre                

Class 11: Vichyssoise, Crêpe Printanier with Tomato Sauce, Croquettes De Pommes De Terre                

Class 12: Revision

Fee:  20,000/- (inclusive of taxes)

  • Full payment to be made at the time of admission.
  • The content is focused at teaching various methods of preparation & may vary with individual student’s needs towards learning’s & time frames.
  • The duration of the course would be one month and student can complete the course within 3 months from the time of admission not later than that.

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