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Chocolate Course – Advance

  • Chocolate Shells with Transfer Sheets
  • Chocolate Enrobing
  • Chocolate Filling: Salted Caramel & Strawberry
  • Ganache & Coffee Ganache
  • Chocolate Praline: Orange, Whisky, Ganache
  • Wafer Chocolate
  • Truffles: Chocolate, Rum, Raisin & Scotch Lover’s
  • Liquor Chocolate: Rum, Vodka, Whisky


Fee:  12,500/- (inclusive of taxes)

  • Full payment to be made at the time of admission.
  • The content is focused at teaching various methods of preparation & may vary with individual student’s needs towards learning’s & time frames.
  • Dishes may be changed or deleted at the discretion of the chef.
  • The duration of the course would be three days and student can complete the course within 15 days from the time of admission not later than that.

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