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We measure our success by our graduates

Cook and Bake Academy alumni are now establishing themselves as leaders within various markets and are growing into an enviable and enjoyable network. You will find our graduates working at various levels in the industry. Their employers range from boutique establishments to large multi-national hotels and resorts. Others have taken the entrepreneurial Cook and Bake spirit and established their own hospitality-inspired businesses and consultancies.

The skills learned at Cook And Bake Academy are not only applicable in the culinary world, but also in an entire industry of hospitality-related businesses:

Culinary arts jobs

    Restaurant owner

    Executive chef

    Pastry chef

    Private chef

    Cruise ship chef

    Airline catering chef

    Health/wellness chef

    Research and development project chef

    Food writer/critic/stylist

    Culinary instructor


Among the many memories, one of my highlights would be working at the Academy. The whole experience will forever be treasured as we made a mark in Indian history. After leaving Cook And Bake Academy, I worked In Lemon Tree, Delhi. That was my first journey and Cook And Bake had laid the best foundation I needed to handle that experience.


The best thing I learned at Cook And Bake was definitely my final practical examination. It taught me to manage my time, which is one of the many key ingredients for a successful chef. One day I would like to have my own restaurant that brings foods from all over the world on one menu

Hardev Singh Kandola

I couldn't have asked for a better school experience. One of the things they don't tell you is how much this school becomes a second family.

Sanchi Anand, Baking & Pastry Arts

I have absolutely loved my experience here at Cook and Bake Academy. The staff and instructors have been amazing and friendly. They truly want the students to succeed in their careers.

Mandeep, Baking & Pastry Arts

Take advantage of what the school offers. Now is the time to really develop yourself and be the best. Put in all the hard work now and you will see the benefits in the end. You'll be surprised how much you grow in six months.


Cook And bake  was like a family for 12 months. I'm very sad to be leaving and will miss everyone greatly. I will be returning to see everyone.


Changed my life. I finally know what I'm doing for the rest of my life.

Amit Kataria

It's a stepping stone for career development.


I stayed at Cook And Bake for one year. The only thing I can say is I love Cook And Bake. My school gives me a goal, a career, and makes me grow up!


The people that I have met and how much I have grown & learned has made my time here one of the best times of my life, without a doubt.


Learning here was a wonderful privilege. I encourage anyone that has any doubts to forget them.


Amazing experience, excellent professional Chefs that want to prepare you for the future. I have enjoyed every day of the last six months; thank you Cook And Bake Academy!


Cook And Bake Academy has been a great stepping stone into the hospitality industry. The Chefs really push for excellence in all of their students. Cook And Bake Academy has become a home for the past six months.


Cook and Bake Academy combines a thorough culinary education with valuable real world kitchen skills! What a great program for preparing students to enter the culinary workforce.


My six months at Cook and Bake surpassed all types of expectations I had. Education quality is excellent. I feel like I grew not only in cooking but also as a person. The people I met influenced my life and made me a better person.


The biggest lesson at Cook And Bake Academy isn't the technical skills you pick up – although they're second to none - the biggest lesson is the attitudes the chef instructors inspire in their students; their ability to push you past your limits and leave you with the judgment and discipline to temper your own creativity.


I can't thank Cook And Bake Academy enough for my experience here. This has been one of fastest, most amazing years of my life.